And it’s LIVE

And it’s LIVE

Hello 🌍

The road to the App Store has been looong. But we finally made it. We’re so excited to announce that timing is now live on the App Store with our public beta: Everyone is welcome onboard!

Our last TestFlight release was in early December. So much was changed in this time that a changelog is actually unnecessary. Our holidays this year were mostly spent in Xcode.

We embarked on this journey last year. For both of us, it’s been an experience of a lifetime. Survival can be considered victory because as an independent bootstrapped operation, a lot of sacrifices were made in 2022 to continue to exist.

A fresh new year and a big new launch to celebrate it sets the stage for the next 12 months. Existence won’t suffice. We want to make an impact.

See you on the App Store.

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