WWDC 22 Digital Lounge Archive (SwiftUI + Design)

At t:m:ng, we are all-in on SwiftUI + design.

WWDC 22 will be the last before we’re on the App Store. Fortunately it didn’t disappoint — improvements in SwiftUI 4 and iOS 16 has set us up for a memorable release.

Apple’s Slack Digital Lounges in particular were a treasure chest of insight. They were closed last year, and it has been suggested they will be again this year. That said, thank you to Apple for acknowledging feedback and at least giving developers meaningful more time to absorb the content before they are (ideally though, they’ll store a public record — maybe next year!).

To help future us (and you!), we’ve copied every question/answer from the lounges of special interest to us: SwiftUI and design. I bet we’ll be referencing them throughout development, and we expect many others to do too. So many valuable insights and tips!

Thank you to the SwiftUI and design teams for their brilliance, assistance and time <3  



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