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Hi everyone,

When it comes to productivity software, we know there are a bunch of options out there and we've used oh so many of them... to varying degrees of success. But despite the "variety", we got tired of most of these apps feeling like office software. So we decided to take inspiration from some of our favorite apps and build something with a bit of personality – since after all, there’s nothing more personal than managing your time.

If you're here, you probably [also] feel like something is missing with the status quo... so without further ado, let's walk you through some of our key differentiators and what inspired timing.

Hopefully you find enough reason to want to check us out, and more importantly, since we're still so early in our journey, help us shape this product into something you personally find valuable in your life (timing.is/community).

timing.is core features/differentiators

A single timeline to review your Reminders, Tasks and Calendar Events…

More apps are starting to offer this now, but we’re keen on making our “today” view the most useful blend of your events, your anytime tasks, and your breaks/gaps.

You can think of "anytime tasks" as your post-it note for the day. It stays top of mind throughout the day so you can mark things off as you go and the things that slip are moved elsewhere so you have a blank slate every day.

Gaps in your timeline can be one-tap blocked or "protected" too.

A universal entry point to capture anything you want to plan around.

While we don’t support NLP (…yet), our flexible entry form makes adding reminders, events, or anytime tasks natural and perhaps even faster than typing (seriously... try it).

Plus you can annotate things with #tags and emojis so you can filter by them later. In the future, we’ll be adding a lot more annotation options – we’d love to know what you’d like to add!

Powerful filters to get a perspective on your upcoming timeline (past coming soon).

With our preset filters, you can quickly slice/dice your time and see a complete breakdown of things by a variety of criteria.

Helping you answer questions like:

  1. How many video calls do I have this week?
  2. What do my next 6 Mondays look like?
  3. Which meetings have more than 10 people?

And a lot more.

We’re adding new ones all the time and we’d love to hear which would be most useful for you.

A simple planner to help you schedule things into your calendar so they (are more likely to) get done.

There are basically two sides to the app… the things with a time specified (whether just a day or a specific hour) and the things without.

The former show up in the timeline and the latter are on a "planner" view where you can either check them off opportunistically or schedule items onto your timeline (via drag/drop) so you can dedicate time for them later.

Space for (private) notes for each task/event to help with preparation/recall.

We’ve found that our notes app is chock-full of random single-page (sometimes single-sentence) entries with no additional context. A lot of times these are related to something that's happening in our life at that point in time (whether a calendar event or a task).

So we decided to put together a “scratchpad” of sorts to let you write something within the context of what's happening / about to happen. You can export these notes to your favorite app if needed or just leave them on your timeline for future reference.

We have so much more planned and the product is far from complete but we couldn’t wait any longer to share what we have with you all and hope you’ll check us out and we can build this next phase together.


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