Drop 14 – September 23

Hello Friends,

Happy Fall/Autumn 🍁!

Despite all the things that have happened in 2022 so far, we still can't believe how quickly it's all gone by. To our sisters and brothers back home in Iran, we stand with you and hope to see a brighter future ahead.

Our most notable change this week has to do with the Perspectives⚡. We wanted to introduce a similar concept to the new Planner view so you can quickly curate (filter) your reminders and to-do's based on relevant criteria – including the reminders list they belong to, how recently they were created and whether or not you've added any additional attributes like emoji / hashtags. To accommodate this new addition, we had to rethink how we presented the options, so we took inspiration from iOS16 and decided to introduce our own little “island” 🏝 – we hope this design makes things cleaner and more obvious.

The other area we invested in this week had to do with sending invitations. Unfortunately the launch of iOS16 meant that our previous method for sending invites via Apple's native permissioning (using EventKit) was no longer supported – which forced us to consider the alternative approach, direct integration with Google. This was something on our roadmap for some time, but we'd deliberately stirred clear for the time being to avoid further complexities, but alas, the time has come as we couldn't in earnest publish a calendar app without support for invites out of the gate. So, we've reintroduced the capability of sending invites for Google Calendar based events (Outlook support will be added later).

With this change we've also updated our Contacts search to pull from Google Contacts vs. iOS, which should provide much greater utility as we expect most of you to have a more complete Address Book on your Gmail than on your device. In the future, we'll add direct native support for all things Google (and Outlook and others), besides support for invitation flows.

As always, there are a ton of other improvements, including stability and performance wins that should be fairly noticeable.


What’s new?


  • You can now curate within the planner, by tapping on the lasso icon in the bottom left to open up its overlay. At the moment, you can toggle between reminder lists, tags and emojis, as well as define a time period to retrieve items from. Expect your ability to curate to expand in future updates.


  • Entries to a Google calendar can include invitations to people, as long as you give us the required permissions to follow through (to be clear, none of this information is copied by us to an external server — everything stays local on your phone). Other calendar services will follow, and expect the process to be polished further in future updates.


  • Refreshed to look consistent with the curation overlay. However, improvements are not purely aesthetic. Based on user testing, changes made so it should be more obvious how to close it. You can now also always see what you’ve toggled on (with a [x] to remove). Ability to filter by a time window, like within curation, will be enabled soon.

What’s improved?

Hero day

  • Long-press anywhere on a row should take you into entry mode with the hour pre-filled (previously, it was working in some places and on a tap which resulted in accidental entries). This is consistent with the calendar pulldown where tapping on any date will take you into entry with the day pre-filled.

Hero event

  • Toolbar adopts consistent appearance to other bottom overlays with center button alignment hopefully resulting in its actions less likely to be missed.

Launch screen

  • Tweaked to be more in-line with the rest of the app’s aesthetic with a more fluid transition from the splash screen and then into the Stream.


  • Improvements made to appearance of calendar selection so it’s more in-line with the app’s aesthetic as well as to reduce scrolling and make it easier to see at a glance what accounts each calendar is for.
  • Calendars are sorted alphabetically now.
  • Improved transition into the Stream once you’re done.


  • When you have a Hero open with the Perspective overlay too, it will replace the timeframe menu (e.g. “Next 30 days”) with the currently viewed Hero’s title confirming that the Perspective is being applied to it.
  • Ability to manage calendars returns and is now performed within a sheet.


  • All-day events are compact, not taking up more than a single line.

Tab bar

  • Improved tap targets for all options, and no longer draggable so to avoid unintended interactions.

What’s fixed?

Calendar clip

  • Should never show as blank after start-up.


  • Safety checks inserted in multiple areas after crash log analysis to reduce the potential for crashes. On a similar note, optimisations made during start-up to avoid problematic states that may lead to a crash. This will be an ongoing effort.


  • Should never see an empty calendar list (this was happening after the uncommon scenario when reminders permissions was being requested before calendar).
  • Should not be onboarded to an empty calendar.


  • Count on each lens should reflect the number of events across all selected calendars (previously, it was considering all, including unselected).
  • When you select a people related lens, it won’t be suffixed with “ppl” on currently selected list of lens.


  • Title in top left of screen aligned with dates below.


  • Won’t see a second (or more) incorrect gap appear between events. Finally.
  • Events are not draggable.
  • Tapping on a task card should make it editable in-line always, and not cause the scrollview to jump to an incorrect position.
  • On iOS 16, if you are inputting a new task or editing an existing in-line, scrolling should automatically dismiss the keyboard.

Top strip

  • Text doesn’t clip from the top on the latest iPhones.

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