Drop 13 — September 16

Hello Friends,

Happy Friday. In case you missed it, we dropped two minor updates earlier this month. Today though is a really big one.

Reid Hoffman once famously said “if you’re proud of your v1, you’ve shipped too late”… well it seems like we’ve missed the memo because this build is jam-packed.

As usual there’s a lot going on with this latest release, so we’ll just summarize the highlights here (the rest can be reviewed on our changelog).

First off, we added a brand new planner!

This is something we’ve wanted from day one. The ability to see not just your scheduled items (calendar) but also the things that are on your mind but are yet to be scheduled (the todo list). With this new feature you can now see your Reminders directly inside the app and swiftly assign them to specific dates via drag/drop or through a new option we’re calling masterplan (working title — what do you think?).

Next up, we added a new custom field — the emoji!

This is a relatively small feature by comparison but one that we’re quite excited about for a number of reasons. Tired of color-coding or adding pre/suffix to your titles? So are we! By allowing the creation of events/tasks with this extra “color” (no pun intended), we hope to redefine our expectations on how we plan life. Adding an emoji will also automatically create a perspective view so you can filter your views based on them too. Pretty neat, right? After all, a picture does tell a thousand words 😎.

Finally, we’ve rebranded the app (ever so slightly) to more closely match the design aesthetic we’re striving towards.

We’ll be the first to admit, the new “.is_” logo is a bit out there, but we’re here to keep things fresh and present a unique point of view. We truly believe that timing.is everything and hope the presence of this icon on our Home Screen will help remind us to be in the present and plan life for what it really is

Let us know what you think.


What’s new?


  • Previously, we conservatively used Reminders access granted: all tasks were added to a newly created timing list, and only tasks from this list were displayed in-app. Not anymore! We now show them all, presenting a tag on their card if they’re from a list that isn’t Apple or our default.

    (At the moment, when adding a task, they are sent to our list, but we will be adding the ability to pick any list to add to — similar to calendar selection — soon.)


  • To support this addition, there’s a new Planner screen from where you can effortlessly/delightfully manage all your unscheduled and overdue tasks. You can individually organise items, or go into Masterplan mode by tapping on the wand so you can organize multiple items simultaneously. Drag and drop is the way to go here! These lists — from experience — can be long and we hope to introduce relevant perspective lenses to help you manage.

    Looking ahead, we have big plans — no pun intended — on expanding the scope of this feature so you can plan your days, weeks, months and years ahead! The current version focuses on slotting tasks into a day, whereas we want to eventually provide the means so you can define specific or imprecise times to perform tasks too.


  • We have a new icon and launch screen — tell us what you think!
  • References to “t:m:ng” replaced with boringly clear “timing”.


  • Can finally add unscheduled tasks! In other words, when you’re adding an item, the only field required is a title now.
  • You can now add an emoji to an entry :)


  • Can now create new filters using (reminders) list lenses and emoji.

User Interface

  • The addition of the Planner made us re-evaluate the Tab Bar and its accompanying options. Buttons to access your Perspectives and Zoom levels have been moved onto the content area as they apply to the screen they’re on (and no longer the app as a whole). With Perspectives, expect further optimisations to be made so when tapped on, it feels like a more connected experience.
  • To keep it simple, Tab Bar now consists of two navigation options and a single contextual action.
  • And to keep it predictable, it no longer auto-hides on a scroll. This preference may return at some point, but for the default experience we decided to remove it because we want to reduce potentially distracting/unnecessary animations. To soften this removal, we’ve reduced the height of the Tab Bar, so more of your life appears by default.

What’s improved?


  • When you are finished, calendar clip animates down with the top strip.
  • Notes on the toolbar renamed to Desc to better reflect their purposes, and to not be confused by the private notes you can add to events from the back of their cards.

Hero Day

  • Past days will only show eventful hours.

Hero Week

  • Tapping on ring toggles between number of entries and total duration.


  • Defaults to calendar group.


  • Goes back to yesterday only for performance/design reasons. This will help ensure you are always taken to today on an app launch. Additionally, we feel an going back in time shouldn’t be frictionless, and that you need to demonstrate intent. And we think the past can be presented in more creative/helpful ways. A lot of exciting plans!
  • Time right now displayed in red because it’s live.
  • Top of mind collapsed by default.

Stream (split-screen)

  • When in split-screen mode (w/ calendar pulldown for month displayed), tapping on a calendar date dot will present a summarised version below of the day w/ only eventful hours displayed.
  • You can easily return to the Stream using the left chevron in the bottom left of the calendar pulldown, or expand to see every hour by tapping on the new date title in the bottom middle.

What’s fixed?

Hero Day

  • Events have the same appearance as they do in the rest of the app.

Hero Event

  • Calendar clip no longer shows when you have a Hero Event open.
  • All content now scrollable.
  • [Join] button link for a video call works again.
  • Won’t say past events happened minus days ago.

Hero Week

  • All day events showing w/ reasonable width again.


  • If you are in split-screen mode, tap on an event and return, you’ll be taken back to split-screen mode.
  • When you have 3 or more completed items, and 1 or more incomplete, opening top of mind shouldn’t result in any performance bottlenecks.
  • Tasks for today should load correctly immediately after being onboarded on a first launch.

User interface

  • Fixed popup menu incorrectly opening below its associated tap button when it should open above.
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