Drop 12 — August 30

Hello Friends 👋

We were watching a few month old demo of timing that was recorded before our first drop. It has come a long way! This is largely due to the conversations we’ve had learning about your relationship with time and calendars. Thank you again for letting us into your lives.

With summer almost up, we’re approaching the final few months of the year refreshed and excited to come out of stealth (alpha) mode. September will be noteworthy. Our mission at this stage is to achieve delight through stability. Your curiosity with the product will hopefully be rewarded as we iron out the kinks, so you can happily depend on timing throughout every day without hesitation.  

If you know anyone who the product would speak to, please get them to sign up at timing.is. The product is eager to widen its social network by welcoming friends of friends!


What’s new?

Hero Day

  • Tasks are now visible/stickied to the top.  

Hero Week

  • Can now scroll between weeks by pulling when you’ve reached the top/bottom ends.


  • You should be hearing sounds for the first time in the app: when interacting with the calendar pulldown or opening a menu. This is us having fun/experimenting. Expect these to be refined and for more to surface throughout the UX at appropriate spots.

What’s improved?


  • Transition into should be cleaner with less visual distractions from an animation standpoint.
  • A more contrasted appearance between keyboard in the bottom-middle vs form controls in the top-middle, resulting in a clearer distinction between the two areas.
  • More compact to reduce possibility of running out vertical screen estate from the top.
  • Inputted values are permanently visible regardless of what field you’re adding.
  • “Untitled” is the new — and hopefully final — placeholder string for the title field: hints at its purpose and indicates an empty state too. Win-win.
  • Emoji accessible from keyboard on title field.
  • [Save] button should fade in/out in a more timely fashion.

Entry (time)

  • For increased discoverability as well as structural integrity, the calendar picker is now available when you’re setting the time (and no longer in the bottom right of the date keyboard). To be clear, a new entry is considered an event when a time has been set. Therefore, it was previously incorrect to present the option to set a calendar when you’ve only picked a date for an entry because anything without a time set and only a date is considered a task, i.e. has no calendar metadata.
  • Live marker added so you can tell when you are right now.

Hero Day

  • Live marker added to today so you can tell when you are right now.
  • Auto-scrolls to the first event happening on any day, and if there are none, then continues to start mid-morning.

Hero Week

  • All-day string no longer visible for all-day events.


  • When there are external changes made via the iOS calendar app, these should be picked up automatically when resuming the app.
  • Stream updates to reflect the live time when resuming the app from the background.
  • More compact w/ less vertical spacing between cards.


  • Tapping on [x missed yesterday] now opens an interactive popup with a quick action to move all (or specific) missed tasks to today.
  • Today updates every minute to reflect its live state accurately, i.e. what happened earlier today, current time, how much time remaining on any live event etc.
  • Only three things are displayed by default in top of your mind with the remainder linked through. This is to ensure you can scroll today predictably (when you had four or more items, scrolling could result in the section collapsing incorrectly), and to provide more focus for your day (what you prioritise as your top three things is a planned feature).
  • Live marker height reduced to more accurately represent how much time to go in a live event.

What’s fixed?

  • App should be much more stable than the last which was prone to occasionally crashing, especially after launch.  We know it’s an alpha so this sort of instability isn’t unexpected but we messed up with this one: it’s okay for the app to be rough at this stage but it should at mininum be stable so you can trust it to work at least.
  • Additionally, the change above should make starting up the app more performant and responsive.
  • When being onboarded, shouldn’t complete it to an empty Stream after calendar selection.

Calendar clip

  • Should never stay on today’s date when scrolling.

Calendar pulldown (month + week)

  • Selected date should automatically and immediately update to reflect first day visible on Stream and vice-versa.
  • Swiping between months should work reliably even when it’s technically more of a drag.
  • Won’t ever swipe to an empty month that you can’t swipe to correct.
  • Shouldn’t appear in an unknown blank state when pulled down from the middle.

Entry (time)

  • You can now drag either handle to change event duration when it’s a 15-minute slot (only one end worked before).

Hero Day

  • All day events showing again.


  • Removed disabled [Planned] menu.


  • Today onwards should remain scrollable/available even after you remove a perspective. Previously if you had scrolled a few months into the future and then applied a perspective, once it was removed, it was likely the Stream would reset to start around two months from now with an inability to go back to today.
  • Correct time remaining on a live event (was off by a minute).


  • Due date shows as an inputted value when editing a task.
  • Can now successfully edit tasks’ due date.
  • Animation for context menu should begin from the correct starting position.


  • Gap (break) buttons are visible once again for today.
  • Tapping on a collapsed top of mind should always expand it.
  • Smoother and faster animation between collapsed and expanded states.
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