Drop 12.2 — September 9

What’s improved?

Calendar pulldown

  • A lot of UI removed for the benefit of performance and simplicity. This included the fullscreen year view — the ability to view your year at a glance should return at some point but in a more compact and original (helpful) form.

Hero Day

  • When you reach the bottom/top of a day, can pull up/down to move to next/previous day, similar to on the Hero Week.

Hero Event

  • Showing more of your events’ metadata — including a mini-map when a location is set — in a refreshed layout that extends to the back of their cards.
  • Close button added to make it more obvious how to return to your Stream.
  • Refreshed UI on sheet that pops down when you select to delete an event with the new ability to dismiss by tapping underneath it in the blurred content area.

Hero Week

  • Events that take less than 60 minutes will be displayed in a smaller cell to reflect the fact.


  • When you open a Hero Week or Day, regardless of how (via zoom change or tapping on either on your Stream), the UI should now be consistent: calendar clip hides with the hero’s title present on the top strip. This reduced UI should put the focus on what matters: what’s happening on the selected date(s). If you do open a Hero from the Stream, the only difference is you’ll see a back button on the left of the top strip to help you return to the Stream. Besides this way, a swipe right should work too but we’re aware it’s a bit fiddly right now — we’ll be getting it right soon.


  • Subtle calendar color coded outline around event cards.

Tab Bar

  • We heard you, and we agree. Search field and add button are no longer a confused pairing. The result is a cleaner Tab Bar that should make adding an entry feel instant. Unfortunately, the ability to search (and see any active perspectives) are gone for the time being, but should be making a quick return.


  • String updated to “What’s top of mind?” to be a more effective prompt.
  • Similarly, anything missed is now considered slipped.

What’s fixed?

Bottom sheet

  • Should not show multiple backgrounds sliding down when you’re collapsing perspectives.

Hero Event

  • No unnecessary vibrations when scrolling.
  • When scrubbing through events, toolbar at the bottom should remain in a fixed position.

Entry (Date)

  • Days of the month should be showing correctly always.

Entry (Time)

  • Changing calendar should work again.
  • Calendar popup menu should open above the button when it needs to (towards the bottom of the screen).


  • When an event ends at midnight (technically the next day), it’s no longer considered multiday.
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