Drop 12.1 — September 1

What’s improved?

Calendar clip

  • Connected animation between expanded and collapsed states, ensuring a fluid transition without text being temporaring incorrectly offset during a switch.

Calendar pulldown

  • Increased feedback (more pronounced scale animation + haptics + sound) when tapping on a date.
  • Abbreviated year showing on year calendar pulldown’s [month] button, so not to confuse the year with a date in month.
  • Can see intensity levels for every day on the year calendar.
  • Improved tap target for minimise calendar pulldown chevron icon.
  • Sound added when you select a date.
  • Should feel more fluid swiping between months/weeks.

Entry (time)

  • Dragging handles to change duration of event should be more responsive and in tune with your movement.


  • Horizontal scrollview for both sections and items considers vertical padding, and so it should be consistently respond to a scrolling interaction.


  • Sounds added.


  • Will no longer display cancelled events.
    Update: Based on immediate feedback seems like they still were for at least events cancelled from an Exchange mail server. As a result, as a temporary measure, we’re removing all events prefixed with “Cancelled” in its title (with the single l for American English users). This won’t be an issue when we integrate directly with Exchange, but until then this is the best we can do. That said, even if we ship with this approach, we’ll need to make it clear somehow as well as give users the ability to restore/view canceled events (most likely involves perspectives).
  • Transition between split-screen (by pulling down calendar from top) and default state should be fluid.

What’s fixed?

Calendar pulldown

  • When you drag to reduce its height, it should reset to its correct default state.
  • Similarly, if you drag to increase its height by a tiny amount, it should also reset to its correct default state.


  • 1-1 meetings should be counted correctly. Previously the organizer wasn’t being considered in the count, whoops!
  • When you apply an existing tag to an entry, there won’t be a duplicate lens for that tag created.


  • When you make changes to calendar entries for today via the iOS calendar app, these should be reflected in-app immediately/automatically when you return to it (they were inconsistently before for today, but were working fine for other days).
  • When you switch to split-screen mode (and back), your scroll position should be maintained.
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