ChatGPT loves

For anyone that's been paying close attention, the advances in AI over the last year have been mind-boggling.

From AI winning art awards to the countless copy writers and avatar generators that seem to be popping up everywhere, this year has been the year of AI, hands down. Our prediction for Time Magazine's "person" of the year.

So naturally, we were curious what this entity might think about our work on Do we see eye to ai?

So we asked ChatGPT... and here are the results:

Within a few seconds, it presented us with a simple actionable list of things we can do to improve our state of well-being while also improving our productivity. Things that have taken us years to understand on a personal level, and many of which we still struggle to implement. Luckily, we've been building timing with these same goals and principles in mind and we hope that through our product we can help others achieve a state of mindful productivity.

And so the verdict: at least for now, AI is on our side 🖖!

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