Drop #2 – May 27

What’s up?

Hey All 👋

It was a busy week! There’s a lot that’s gone into this update. The fundamental blocks — related to events, tasks and notes — are now all in. There’s still however plenty of work remaining to connect and light these pieces.

We had a customer call as soon as the update dropped. Their playthrough of the app confirmed we had made a ton of progress since your call. They managed to independently steer their experience without much trouble or confusion. That said, by being more usable/understandable, the app was arguably being judged fairly for the first time. What makes t:m:ng different? What makes t:m:ng better? Big questions in need of convincing answers.

Every week in a bootstrapped operation matters (heck, every minute) but these next few weeks will be especially pivotal. We set the end of June as our release target a few months ago. We don’t know whether we’re going to hit that date, but we do know we’ll have built answers to the aforementioned questions by then.

It would be great if we can catch up soon to talk about the app more: please book a suitable time at timing.is/open.

Have a great Sunday!


What’s new?


  • Week calendar (tap on the week number on top right)


  • Can add an all-day event
  • You can add a scheduled task (i.e. title + date combo minus time) – unscheduled tasks are on the pipeline, as well as more consideration/care with where/how all tasks display
  • Can add a description (we know there are still many more fields unavailable for add/edit such as recurring status, alarms etc. – give us time :))


  • Private notes (tap into an event [or a date] and flip it to access a contextual notepad - oh and it auto saves)

What’s improved?


  • Swiping on month/week calendar pulldowns will automatically scroll you to the first day of month/week on Stream
  • Inversely, if either pulldown is open, and you’re scrolling the Stream, then the pulldown will update when you’ve scrolled forward to the next month/week (or back to previous)
  • Past dates on calendars have faded appearance to give increased prominence on the present/future
  • Date circle colour on calendars have varying intensity representing busy levels (lighter = busier) — at the moment, only considers number of things happening (i.e. basic), and not acknowledging (total) duration (this will be considered in a future update)
  • Top left now shows short-hand month in letter form (e.g. MAY instead of 0522) — year only displayed when on a month in another year, whether past or future (makes sense @Nico)
  • Should be easier to instantiate a pulldown drag from the bottom
  • Removed bottom-middle links on pulldown to keep it clean (hopefully a swipe to collapse is clear!)
  • Pull down the top strip from the right/left of the month and week to access the full year


  • More connected in animation + appearance with bottom Omni Sheet where you open it from
  • All completed fields are now visible on a horizontal scroll, no longer resulting in a vertical undismissable stack (or for items to become compressed horizontally) – a nicer way to view a preview in fullscreen is coming, in the meanwhile consider this to be the compact version of a preview
  • More clear CTA to save (less trivial @Sarthak? :) )


  • Toggle to switch to Notes on Hero Event no longer has disabled appearance — instead it changes state from Notes to Details


  • Tap in the middle of the top strip to go back to today


  • Multi-day events more helpful on Stream by showing what day number each card is for
  • Multi-day events’ Hero shows more information for better bearings on where you are now and how much time is left (also adapts based on whether the event has started or not)

What’s fixed?


  • Can’t get into permanently black state by pulling it down


  • No dummy accelerators for location input (Home or Work) – they’ll be working when they come back
  • When removing a date, calendar won’t unnecessarily stick
  • When you’ve added a date + time, and then change date, time is preserved


  • Last few hours on a Hero (fullscreen) Day card should be visible/scrollable
  • Removed superflous minimise button on Day Hero


  • When on the first day of a week, and there’s nothing going on, the day’s date will show on its card (thanks @Sam!)
  • Live badge won’t get pushed off card when title is long
  • No ridiculously long line leading to first event today (that likely required scrolling) when it happens much later in the day
  • Don’t get told an event that just went live is 0 minutes away
  • When month calendar is pulled down, Stream won’t show a duplicate when passing through a month
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