Drop #1 – May 20

What’s up?

Hey All 👋

It’s been a few weeks (at least) since we last spoke, and – damn – a lot has happened in this time.

Most recently, we were interviewed by Michael Seibel – yes, Twitch’s co-founder. This concerned our YCombinator application. We made it through to the final round of interviews, but – alas – it was a no. For a few days – not going to lie – it felt like a punch in a stomach. Especially as Seibel had proliferated our YouTube algorithms, so there was no escaping the fact. That said, we’re fully recovered now, and feeling grateful because the process made us learn so much. In fact, as a result – despite the rejection – we’re even more excited about our plans and determined to make this a success. The winning formula is simple. We need to 1) believe in ourselves and 2) listen to you.

Early user testing indicated the app was confusing, unpredictable and overwhelming. We were unnecessarily doing too much, too soon. And so we’ve agreed we want to build the best first version of t:m:ng. We don’t want to do everything half-assed, but a few things really well. Our roadmap is strong and clear. We’ve so many big ideas, and hopefully by taking a more calculated first step, we set ourselves up for future possibilities.

So, a big thank you for being super helpful and shaping our plans. We’re officially starting our private alpha today, and we’d love to continue talking. Here’s how:

Sign up to join our alpha. You’ll need TestFlight but instructions are there (and straightforward).

Join our Slack Channel timing.is/feedback, send an email to feedback@timing.is, or hit us up on any of our personal channels: email/WhatsApp/iMessage/etc.


Help spread the word If you know someone who might be interested in joining this alpha, please direct them to timing.is to join our waitlist.

Learn about our process [for the curious]

What’s new?


  • Hard-coded summaries removed (when they return TBD)
  • Tab Bar removed
  • No more split-screen task manager UI
  • No more ability to record notes independently
  • Replaced by a refined Omni Sheet
  • Tapping on the wand opens up filters
  • Search now enabled (at the moment, only works when you hit [return] and for the next 30 days but hopeful to get it trigger on every character input as well as be able to expand the search to as many dates in the future as well as past)
  • Back of event card now has a single text input from where you can add tasks (manual for the time by typing in square brackets before text) and notes from (expect bigger improvements in this area in an update soon)
  • Hero cards have had some love, including addition of a Toolbar to perform actions and to toggle into its note-taking surface (i.e. back of card)
  • Onboarding revamped
  • Changed it so you can only add events via [+] (i.e. need title, date + time to be able to confirm) but hope to restore ability to add tasks (and possibly notes too) in a near future update
  • Tapping on a date when you pull down calendar into month view won’t open a Hero for the day, but instead scroll you to the day on the Stream (it will continue to behave as before when you are already in a Hero though)
  • Infinite scroll on Stream (going forwards only!)
  • Today is highlighted on the Stream, and emphasis is given on what’s happening right now
  • Greater distinction between days and weeks/months on Stream
  • No longer launch to the beginning of today (even if it’s for an event that happened earlier), but to the current time within (i.e. stuff happening now onwards) - you can scroll back up to earlier today
  • Calendar Clip becomes a back button when you’re on a Hero
  • Bug Can’t have an end date that occurs before a start date when adding a new event (leading to a crash)
  • Bug Even if you have a long list of calendars, should be able to scroll all when picking one for a new event
  • Bug On first launch, can add an event without leading to a crash
  • Bug Shouldn’t see funky artefacts when you expand/collapse the calendar pulldown


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