Drop #6 – June 24

Hi there,

We have another jam-packed set of updates for you this week.

Our focus shifted back to differentiators this week – primarily working on improving the search and filtering abilities.  

We heard you loud and clear, the filters were a little confusing to use. You'll notice right away that the new design radically simplifies the user experience [and is ⚡️ fast]. Each of the filter options (aka lenses) is now grouped into a broader parent category (aka perspectives) so you can quickly find your way to what matters to you... e.g. show me only my one-off items (aka hide that recurring noise).

Beyond visuals and performance, we also worked on improving some of the functionality. For example, we now automatically create filters from your #tags so you can quickly find items on your calendar without needing to use color-coding (some of those colors do look awfully similar). So try tagging your #important events next time to quickly spot them with just a couple of taps. I know we'll be adding #customercall to ours – very exciting!
Pst you should sign up if you havent yet... timing.is/open.

There are a few more features and improvements so please continue reading for the full details.

Next week our focus is on making today special. We're excited for that one too!

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What’s new?

Bottom sheet

  • We’ve totally redesigned it based on feedback to make filters easier to use and understand. We now group each filter (aka lens) into parent groups (aka perspectives). When applied, by default their time horizon is the next 30 days but we hope to add many more. We have a lot of other exciting ideas to make them way more powerful and customizable — stay tuned!


  • You can now search your notes or tags directly from the stream. You'll get back the set of events that match your search term (either by tag or within the body of the note).

What’s improved?

Bottom sheet

  • Magic wand replaced by lightning bolt⚡ to access perspectives — hopefully this stops people thinking tapping it does something unclear to your calendar!
  • More descriptive titles for lenses.


  • Notes for recurring events are now unique to their individual instance (previously it applied it to all instances).
  • Made it super clear that event notes are private. In fact, we now store them on your local device so they're not even stored on the cloud (we'll offer this option down the line for backup purposes).


  • We now automatically suggest previously created tags so you can quickly add them to your events.
  • These same tags are now automatically turned into perspectives so you can use them as quick filters as you review your schedule.
  • Tags are also stored on your device so they're private to you.


  • What was previously in the bottom-ish left enabling you to shift scroll position by +1 day has been moved to the middle right for improved reachability (hopefully a setting to come for left handed users). It also now allows you to move -1 day too. We’re aware it’s sometimes unresponsive, and hope to address this soon. This is only the start, as we’ve got exciting plans to make this facilitate super fast navigation without lifting your hand.

What’s fixed?


  • Event descriptions with line breaks are now formatted correctly.


  • Minor bug where title field disappeared in new entry.


  • Removed the bottom sheet auto-collapsing on a scroll because it was behaving unreliably — hopefully back working sensibly in a future update!
  • Doesn’t infinite scroll on a search/filter — plan is to enable user to specify a timeframe upfront and for you to explicitly request more dates (both coming later).
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