Drop #4 – June 10

What’s up?

Hey All 👋

It’s been a different busy week. WWDC 22 was a happy distraction from the daily grind. Our bet on SwiftUI may have been considered naive but — like every decision we make — it was carefully considered. We felt it’s the future of iOS development. Fortunately Apple agrees.

As far as this week’s feature drop goes, it’s light but there are significant changes. Farid’s past-life (big-tech) calendar was a Tetris puzzle. Same goes for a number of you. Previously, our full-screen Day card was unable to handle it, leading to some funky behaviour. No more! You don’t win awards for table stakes but we’re really happy with this one. Perhaps more importantly was the speed we managed to pull this one off. It’s given us great confidence that there’s no UI problem we can’t — with patience and creativity — solve, even when working with a relatively immature framework.

When it comes to table stakes like above, we know they’re not going to win us any recognition. That said, we’re aware of the need to support as many out of the box. Although resource constraints dictate an inability to 10x each, what we’re aiming for is a more realistic +1. These incremental step ups will hopefully add up to a significant number across the experience. You can right swipe out of a fullscreen card now!

Have a great weekend!


P.S. if you want to talk product, we’re always open.

What’s improved?


  • If you play Tetris with your calendar everyday, then you’ll notice significant improvements to how we handle conflicts on a Hero Day screen
  • Tapping on an Event on a Hero Day should animate smoothly
  • You can now swipe from the left edge to collapse the Hero – as per system convention (it may be occasionally unresponsive – for what it’s worth so is Apple’s Calendar – and we’ll look at improving this soon)
  • All day events are fixed to the top (and don’t need to be scrolled into view)


  • Event cards for today now have a max height to ensure lengthy events don’t take up too much space resulting in unnecessary scrolling (previously their height was always fixed to their duration)
  • If an event that has a start/end date of 00:00, we’ll assume it’s an all-day event (let us know if you think this is not an unreasonable assumption)
  • If an event that has a start time of 00:00 and end time of 23:59, we’ll assume it’s an all-day event
  • An event spread across two days but not all-day on both will be presented differently than a multi-all-day event

What’s fixed?


  • Text on selected date will be visible always


  • Tapping on an Event on a Hero Day and then back won’t result in putting the app in a state of funk (things in the wrong place, some no longer scrolling etc.)
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