Drop #5 - June 17

What’s up?

🥃 Howdy,

We've had one of those weeks – started out a bit slow but it's ending on a high.

Our calendar has been filling up as we schedule more time with first time users. This week we chatted with a teacher, an author, a lawyer and a few techies (our people!). Lots of great feedback for us to consider (🙏🏻).  As a reminder, timing is always open.

This week’s drop takes us back to fundamentals. The most noticeable change may be the disappearance of the yellow accent color as you scroll past today to future days (more on this next week). However our main focus has been getting some of the basics right. Notably we’ve been improving the time-entry keyboard to highlight conflicts when scheduling new events and improving the user interaction (we know it’s still not perfect). We've also added status + rsvp-ing to events that are invitations. More details in the changelog.

It’s a tough balancing act between table-stakes and differentiators and we expect to switch back and forth often. Hopefully the next few drops will see us tap into more of the creative aspects of calendaring. We will put out a roadmap for you all soon. Stay tuned.


P.S. Remember, the timing is yours.

What’s new?

Entry (Time)

  • You can now see what other events are happening on the selected day through an underlay (not complete by any means: for example, all-day events don’t show, and there are more improvements planned such as being able to tap on an event, defaulting events from the relevant calendar and more)

Invitations (RSVP)

  • You can now view your status for events that are invitations on the event tap through (“Hero” view). You can also tap on the RSVP button to change your status. This experience brings up Apple’s native calendar UI to record your input. Unfortunately there is no easy solve around this due to Apple’s limited calendar APIs. We will fix it in the future as we consider integrating directly with native Google/Outlook APIs. Till then this workaround will have to do. The "Done" button can be fiddly, you can just drag the sheet down (fix coming soon).


  • New accent circle in the middle of the top strip that takes you back to top (appears when first visible day is no longer today)

What’s improved?


  • Top left clip is only accented (yellow) when on today (transitions to white when on any other day)

Entry (Location)

  • You can now [Return] on a custom location name (i.e. not a suggested location result with GPS coordinates)

Entry (Time)

  • Tapping on an empty hour slot shifts covered hours to begin at the tapped hour
  • Similarly, tapping on an hour on the left-hand rail also shifts covered hours to begin at the tapped hour
  • Snapping between times should be reliable (it won’t snap back to the original time anymore no matter how far up/down you dragged time to)
  • Animation when drag and dropping card slot should be fluid


  • Bottom sheet should only collapse after a period of sustained scrolling (a couple of seconds right now is considered such) to prevent it from hiding prematurely/too quickly and then popping back up (can be annoying)
  • To avoid any confusion, tapping only on a date will open Hero (fullscreen) Day card (as opposed to anywhere on its card outside of events — this was resulting in a lot of unintended taps in user tests, but we realise we need to make it more clear that it’s tappable due to the current lack of button appearance)

What’s fixed?

Entry (Time)

  • Shouldn’t get the card slot to disappear no matter how you manipulate it (scroll or drag/drop)
  • Similarly, shouldn’t get it to crash either (as long as you don’t try to drag card beyond upper/bottom edges, something that will be addressed soon)
  • When start minute isn’t zero and you scroll to change the time, it should snap to the same minute +-x hours, e.g. 10:30 will snap to 9:30/11:30
  • Reducing duration by resizing slot from the either top/bottom handle shouldn’t result in position of times showing incorrectly when you afterwards either scroll or drag/drop to change the time (coming next is the ability to scroll or drag/drop in 15-minute intervals)

Hero (Event)

  • Text shouldn’t be un-scrollable behind toolbar anymore
  • Toolbar size consistent with Hero Day’s

Hero (Week)

  • Scrubber and bottom sheet don’t incorrectly show anymore


  • Back of card for Notes no longer has “Your text” inputted by default


  • Tapping on [Notes] button in a live event card will open a Hero Event with the correct toolbar showing (and not the Omni Bottom Sheet)
  • Should scroll to right now on launch more reliably (will begin at beginning of day and animate to the current time — this will likely change but unfortunately is the only way that we’ve managed so far to get this to scroll reliably)
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