Drop #7 – July 2

Hi friends,

Can't believe it's July already. We started working on timing in Jan of this year and just like that we're past the year’s midway point.

We originally chose June 30th as an arbitrary ship date to anchor ourselves. Well, the date came and went, and we are not launching just yet. But, after a few hundred check-ins and dozens of customer conversations, our roadmap is as green-lit as ever. So — as generous markers — we'll give ourselves an A- (the cooler grade that discourages complacency). What’s planned for release should hopefully get us the plus.

Okay, enough about that. Let's quickly talk about this week's drop.

The big change has to do with Today. It's not like any other day in the calendar, so why should it look and feel the same (insert eye-roll). Today is special, so our goal is to acknowledge this in the app. You'll notice we now have a section for the day's action items (think goals or tasks, essentially anything you might need to keep top of mind for the day). We also highlight the time gaps in your schedule so you can quickly block (or fill) them if you wish to "reclaim" the time (something we do manually at least a few times a week).

There's (much!) more in store for Today in future updates, but in the meantime if you have ideas, please send us your thoughts. Speaking of which, you can now do that directly in the app: just take a screenshot and InstaBug will kick in and facilitate the conversation. Or if you prefer, just email us — we reply to every.

There's even more changes and bugfixes in the app (including a redesigned bottom bar), so please read on if curious.

Thank you for your continued support <3


What’s new?


  • Tasks, goals, or any other time-unbound to-do item of the day are now displayed front and center for today.
  • You can quickly create these entries in-line to capture your things for the day.
  • The start times for your scheduled events is displayed more prominently in the left rail.
  • Gaps in your schedule (open time in between meetings) are highlighted to show your free time.
  • You can quickly block these slots to reclaim this time for yourself to do whatever (or at least to prevent others from scheduling over).
  • You can also fill these slots with a specific item by creating a new event in its place (we shortcut you by pre-filling the date/time, so all you need is a title).


  • We've added InstaBug so you can send feedback directly through the app. Just try taking a screenshot in our app to trigger the prompt.
  • InstaBug also helps us keep track of crashes with logs/repro steps so we can better fix any issues the app may run into (hopefully these are few already and none soon).
  • Your privacy is important to us (and as this is 3rd party) we welcome you to visit the InstaBug docs if you have any questions/concerns. We did, and there were no obvious concerns.

What’s improved?


  • Redesigned the bottom bar experience: should be easier to distinguish between all three making for easier tap targets. Perspectives especially have a more prominent appearance that has a badge appended when 1 or more are applied/active.


  • You can now combine perspectives to have even deeper insights into your week (e.g. long meetings (1hr+) happening in the afternoon).
  • Newly created tags (by appending to an event) are now automatically (and immediately) available as a new Perspective saving you the trouble.
  • Calendars are now sorted by number of records (vs. alphabetical).
  • Changing calendar perspectives are immediate (no more lags).
  • It’s now a lot clearer what Perspective is selected so you can modify/remove them easily.
  • When you apply a Perspective whose value isn’t descriptive on its own, a necessary suffix is added to its value displayed in the search box e.g. “few” selected from People will now be displayed as “few people”.

Hero Event

  • Meetings with a Google Meet or Zoom link now have a "Join" button so you can get into the video call with a single tap.


  • Can now edit and delete a task from the Stream. Expect delete to be less visible but just as intuitive in the future.


  • Month starts are more prominently distinguished to add increased emphasis to a start of a new month, as well as to draw larger contrast to days. This change is aesthetic but expect more substance to differentiate between days and months (and weeks too) in future updates.


  • [Return] on keyboard changed to more descriptive/accurate [Search].
  • Easier to dismiss keyboard by pressing the new hide keyboard button when no text has been input.
  • Purely for clarity purposes, search (as well as Perspectives) cover the next 30 days only. This will be editable in a future update to cover more into the future (as well as go back in time too).


  • Based on popular demand, we've finally added the ability to create a new entry directly from the Schedule view of the day. Just tap on an empty hour (row) where you want to place the event and the Entry sheet will automatically set the date/time parameters for you. The transition is choppy and will be improved.
  • Can no longer accidentally trigger a cancellation by tapping anywhere in the “dead” zone above the action buttons — just hit [Cancel].

What's fixed?


  • Case naming consistency for all Perspective titles.
  • Morning Perspective covers up to 11am (not 10), whereas afternoon begins from 12pm (not 1pm). In time, you’ll be able to make up your mind on when these should begin/end (and perhaps even add your own ;)
  • Any new event (or edit) will update Perspectives list (count).


  • We no longer move selected calendars to the top of the list. This was confusing.


  • Live events now have their start time displayed in its card (besides end time and time remaining).
  • Can now scroll to the last item in a search/for a Perspective (no longer unscrollable behind the bottom bar).

What's missing?


  • The [up/down] control to move to previous/next day has been removed from this build until its reliability is improved.

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