Drop #8 – July 17

Hello World 🌍

Our streak of consecutive weekly updates ended last week :( If you noticed, we take that as a really positive signal. But if you didn’t, we hope you will the next time we slip up (not planning it to be anytime soon though!). Regardless, we expect you to notice the sum of two week’s worth of additions, improvements and fixes. No surprises, this is easily our biggest drop.

With Perspectives — based on feedback so far — we know we’re onto something. This update’s highlight is to make them more accessible: you can now get fresh perspectives on your week! We’re already finding this to be a super helpful outlook for a week, and we’ve not even scratched its surface. Consider this to be a sweet taste of better and bigger things to come.

Redesigned week view
Redesigned week view

Today has become more special this week too. We want you to open t:m:ng first thing every day and not feel overwhelmed. To keep you calm and feel in control. We don’t think we’re there yet with Today, but every update brings us a little bit closer.

Although we’re doing our best to make the entire experience feel cohesive and seamlessly flow, we’re also okay with the possibility that you may end up depending on one or more specific elements of the UX, whether it’s Perspectives, Today or something else. Hopefully once everything sings, you’ll go all-in, but if not, that’s okay too. Any way — however big or small — we can help with your days is a privilege.

Have a great week! I’m back from camping with my 5 y/o and his class. It was great fun, but it seems I’ve lost my ability to walk or speak.


What’s new?

Hero Week

  • This page has gone through a full makeover. The redesign is by no means complete. There are a lot of tiny details and summer polish still to come.
  • You can now see your events in three different zoom-levels...
    .5x gives you a sense for number of events each day
    1x gives you the general details and sequence
    2x gives you a sense for time by presenting the relative durations
  • You can also filter this view by using the same perspectives available in the Stream view. This lets you quickly get a sense of your current/upcoming week based on whatever criteria you have in mind... (e.g. show me one-off meetings this week that include #important).


  • Live events now have a line indicating how far into the event you’re in.
  • When you have something coming up, there’s a string indicating at the top when it begins (and if you have nothing, then it will clarify this too). The text is quite basic right now, but trust us when we say we have big plans for textual summaries to help you reliably and instantly understand what’s going on/coming up/etc. Taking into account not just time of day, but also the nature of what is happening/imminent.
  • At the end of the day when there are events still active, you’ll have a heads up on approximately how long your day’s plans will end. Similar to the last bullet, we’ve got cool ideas on how to make this text be more context aware based on time of day, type of plans etc.
  • When your day’s plans are up, you can see when your day tomorrow begins. And if you don’t have anything, we figure out what the next day of plans are.


  • You can finally scroll before today back to yesterday. From here you can see a compact view of your day, including all tasks for the day. Ones that have not been completed have a [Move] button to help you quickly reassign it for today — more options on the way!

What’s improved?


  • You can now scroll up to go back to earlier today.
  • You can now hold on a task to open up its menu options: [Edit] and [Delete].
  • Tasks for today are sticky until you move into tomorrow (or earlier today/yesterday). It will auto-collapse as you begin to scroll within today.
  • When you scroll up to earlier, today will have a date marker clearly indicating what date it represents.
  • Strings used in the tasks area should be more casual with rotating animating icons used to indicate the state of your list: they distinguish between empty, nothing completed, 1 or more completed, all completed. That said, the clearer distinction will be evident on anyone who is on an iOS 16 device as we’re using new symbols (iOS 15 users will get icons too, but they’re less descriptive).


  • We realized that the way we're combining perspectives doesn't always make sense as most are mutually exclusive (i.e. an event cannot be a one-off and recurring). So we're now applying an OR between the options within a group instead of an AND. You can still combine perspectives across different groups and we'll treat that same as before (i.e. mornings AND on personal calendar).

Bottom sheet

  • Will auto-hide once again on a scroll, but this time reliably! Will also show whether any perspectives have been set as a reminder (not hooked up animation wise yet with its older/bigger sibling in the bottom sheet’s non-collapsed state).
  • More compact in its default and collapsed states.


  • Scrubber is back and this time for good — tapping on up takes you -1 days up the Stream, and down takes you +1 days. With reliability locked in, we can now move on to enable you to achieve cooler things with it ;)


  • When scrolling up/down the Stream, the calendar clip (top left) should update more reliably.
  • Cards slightly more compact.

Hero Day

  • More compact presentation of all-day events.


  • Text size on menus have slightly increased for improved legibility.


  • Experimenting with some modest haptics on button presses. These should become prevalent through the experience come release with carefully considered execution, i.e. never too much and just enough with varying intensities/feeling depending on the action/context.

What's fixed?


  • Previously past dates were not being detected correctly, which may have resulted in strange behaviour in places when a date’s past nature would have been relevant.
  • Tapping on a date in the pulldown without any entries will not show it as black text on black background anymore; the selected state of a date is now just a yellow outline.


  • Time keyboard will not incorrectly show events one hour behind.
  • When adding/editing/deleting tasks/events they should immediately and reliably appear/disappear on/from the Stream when you expect them to.
  • Tapping [Edit] on an event for a second time after just [Cancel]ling your first edit session won’t result in all fields becoming empty.
  • Calendar for an event is displayed immediately when you are editing it.
  • Changing the calendar of an event in an edit session will work.
  • Correct calendar is selected by default on the Date keyboard’s calendar menu when editing an event.
  • Should be more reliable than before when entering/exiting (at least one pathway to a crash has been addressed).
  • Editing an all-day event will show it as such (and not starting from 00:00 to 23:59).


  • When a Perspective is set, you’ll always be scrolled to the top regardless of previous scroll position.
  • Yellow dot to go back to today is hidden when a perspective is set (or search active). However that middle area of the top strip is still tappable to take you to the top of results.


  • It appears and hides itself reliably. Appears when there’s no scrolling happening, and hides when there is.


  • When opening a menu (such as tapping on an Unassigned card), it should always open in the correct (expected) position on screen, regardless of how many menu buttons are visible simultaneously (it was previously tripping up when there were multiple).
  • Today will always show.


  • Any events that started in a previous day will be visible.
  • When you hit [Next] on an empty in-line task, it will behave as expected: keyboard dismissed with no empty task added. Similarly, if you scroll when keyboard is up, then it will dismiss the keyboard too.
  • All-day events are showing again.

And probably a lot more tiny changes that have slipped in unannounced — this build should just feel noticeably better than previous in terms of feel (stability)! And if it’s not — after two weeks — we have some explaining to do.

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