Drop 11 — August 19

"It's been a long time, shouldn't have left you, without a dope beat to step to..." 🎶

Hi there –

It's been almost three (!) weeks since our last drop and let's just say the irony of “timing” the drops is not lost on us (more on this later). The good news though is that we're back with an exciting update that packs multiple weeks worth of additions, improvements and bug-fixes.

Our focus in this build has been centred on navigation — fixing it to be more specific/honest. There are various screens in the app but finding your way around them sometimes felt like an easter egg hunt. Beyond navigation, each screen felt like an isolated experience with an independent set of controls. In this week's drop we address both of these issues by making the bottom bar a first-class citizen, with perspectives carrying through across the entire app, as well as introducing new ways to switch between screens via camera-like “zooms”.  More like omnibar now! We've always had very ambitious plans for what our dream calendar app could do and this release is starting to showcase some of those interactions.

zooming in/out of time

As always there's a lot more updates you can read up on below. Moving forward we want to make sure each drop is a significant enough update to warrant a new push; so after 10 drops on a weekly-cadence, we're going to play the next 10 by ear and push whenever we think we have something worth sharing (it could be one every few days in a really good week!).

We love hearing from you, so please hit us up if you have any feedback or suggestions.


What’s new?


  • Perspectives are universal! Previously they were strictly applied to the screen you were on (Stream or Hero Week), whereas now setting it in one place will apply them across the board, i.e. if they were set in the Stream, if you open up a Hero Day or Week, they would be carried over.
  • New "just you?" people filter when no one else appears invited to an event.


  • In a calendar, most sessions probably involve navigating time, and so we’ve created new controls to make this fast, natural and — heck — fun! Tap on the toggle in the bottom right to quick switch between the Stream (aka infinite 4x zoom) to the Week (aka 2x zoom). This should be totally customisable in the future, i.e. pick your default and optional second. It’s pretty smart in that it will open the appropriate date(s) depending on what’s the first visible date on the screen at the time of change, e.g. if you have scrolled two Mondays ahead on the Stream, and press the toggle, it will take you to the Week view for two weeks from now.
  • You can also long press to open a dial to jump to other zooms (there are two other visible right now, but only Day works — Month and possibly others on the way).


  • We said we had exciting plans for it, and so here’s the first reveal: you can now scrub days, weeks and events enabling you to quickly move to the previous/next whatever (we’re aware transitions are not consistently on point). We’re not done yet though!

What’s improved?

Bottom bar

  • Due to the addition of zoom toggle, a re-shuffle moving the [+] button inside the text field box.
  • Previously the Bottom Bar would change to a special variant when on a Hero Week — not anymore, as it will appear/behave consistently wherever you are (only hides on Hero Event as it’s replaced by its action Toolbar — also [Notes] on Hero Day temporarily inaccessible but there’s plans to bring it back once our Notes-fused drop eventually (finally!) lands).
  • Collapsed state of Bottom Bar provides more utility as you still have access to the zoom toggle/dial (considering how to make it possible to initiate entry or search too, as well as giving users the option to make this the default state if we figure this one out).


  • More clear [Back] string on calendar Clip pulldown when you open an event from the Stream, but changes if more than a Hero up to describe what you’re going back to (say if you go from Stream to Hero Week and then Hero Event).
  • Abbreviated year showing when it’s displaying a month.


  • Preview button for completed fields on entry split into two hit targets: tap on name to go there for edits and [x] to remove (thanks again Ben for this recommendation <3).
  • Tapping on whitespace over entry will implicitly dismiss it only when there are no completed fields, otherwise it doesn’t do anything.
  • Improved light/dark contrast with upper input/preview and bottom input/keyboard areas.
  • Less jumpy animation in and out.

Hero Week

  • The faux-zooms accessible previously have been ditched, replaced by a summary ring showing % of your day filled with the number inside how many events you have.
  • Everything sized up and colors toned down so less squinty eyes. Let’s just say it looks less alpha now!

Onboarding (+ Launch Screen)

  • Less annoyingly slow animation speeds, and a nicer finish/increased personality with more prominent calls-to-action.


  • “Repeat” section renamed to “Meet” with plans for more meeting related lenses on the way.
  • Padding on trailing edge of both scrollviews (sections and items list).


  • Toggling calendars during onboarding should not result in any delays anymore.


  • Haptics added.


  • Interacting with top of mind will always scroll/stick it to the top.
  • Continued improvements to scroll reliability and performance in general.
  • Color coding tweaks to better distinguish between past, today, future (now also in Hero Week).
  • More days show in the past (the last 10 with plans on going back further coming soon).
  • Infinite scroll into the future!

What’s fixed?

Bottom bar

  • When you scroll up into earlier today, it will state so again.
  • Doesn’t state -[minus]days_ago anymore when scrolling the past.
  • Number of weeks ago will show correctly (and not ()_weeks_ago).
  • Won’t resize to incorrect height (slightly too much bottom padding) when app is resumed.


  • Display the correct (selected) calendars post-onboarding.
  • Toggling calendars post-onboarding should be responsive with Stream picking up changes immediately.


  • Correct colour showing on calendar pulldown Clip when the next time is not a day but a week or month entry.
  • This week and this month are not colour coded as though they have finished, i.e. in past.
  • Correct date shows when you add an entry and are scrolled to it on the Stream.


  • Closing it and then returning to it should never restore it with keyboard appearing on top of the time keyboard.
  • No completed fields should still be showing on a new session when you start a new session quickly after finishing with the previous.
  • Calendar set shouldn’t ever be overwritten when you move to add other metadata.
  • Date keyboard only presents selected writeable calendars now.
  • Correct font on location, people and tag input fields.

Hero Day

  • Conflicting events shouldn’t ever overlap (they were sometimes depending on where you opened the Hero Day from).

Hero Event

  • Accessing an event from Hero Week will show its toolbar.


  • Applying a perspective should work consistently regardless of the number of times you switch them on/off, where you apply them etc.
  • Each lens’ count should update to reflect what set of dates you’re on.
  • Consistency between button appearance for calendar toggles and other lenses.
  • Newly created tag for event added will show up as a lens immediately.


  • Always shows on launch, but appears with an intentional delay so it’s less likely to be missed.
  • Should tap more reliably and predictably.


  • Reduced probability of duplicate gaps before two events that share the same start time. We’re aware there are still scenarios at play when duplicate gaps appear — we’ll knock this one out in the next update.
  • When you have multiple gaps in your schedule for today, tapping on any will open their context menu in the correct position (again!).
  • When scrolling you shouldn’t initiate a scroll dance (i.e. repetitive automatic scrolling up/down).
  • Updates immediately after deleting an event.
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