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Bardi (twitter.com/mtrostyle) began his career in the games industry where he developed his passion for creating immersive experiences. With the support of his wife, he took the leap as an indie a few years ago. He shipped two award-winning apps on Android noted for their original designs. He then wrote a book about his experience, so that others thinking of making a similar move know what the life of an indie is really like: all the highs and many lows. More recently, he’s fallen in love with SwiftUI and wants to deliver equally noteworthy experiences to the App Store and iOS.

Farid (twitter.com/faridh) is a former product manager (ex-pinterest, yelp, linkedin, microsoft) turned full-time indie. He’s launched side hustle apps in the App Store in the past, but after quitting his comfortable job to rekindle his inner entrepreneur, he’s now finally all-in on turning his dreams into reality. He remains a passionate advocate of Pinterest’s mission statement to “to bring everyone the inspiration to create a life they love”. He however felt it missed an important beat: the when. He’s building this component today.