Drop 17.4 — November 24

What’s removed?


  • Based on user testing, it’s become apparent that the scrubber’s function is not immediately clear, and — even when it is — its benefit not appreciated. As a result, for the time being at least, we’ve decided to remove it, so that we have one less permanent UI demanding user’s attention. We did have more ideas to extend its functionality, and if we do reintroduce it, we’ll make sure to include these so that its function/benefit are immediately obvious.

    As a result of this removal, we’re re-evaluating how to quickly move to the preview/next (hero) day/week (we feel they served a clearer purpose there than on the infinite scrollable Stream).


  • When we introduced sounds originally, they were presented as an exploration. We’ve decided it’s best to remove them for the time being until we have a more considered/thorough implementation that’s end-to-end (as opposed to sporadically spread instances).

What’s improved?


  • Dragging slot on time keyboard should be more responsive.
  • Haptics when resizing the time slot.
  • Keyboard slides in/out in sync with rest of UI so it feels like a cohesive pairing/more smooth transitions.
  • Bounce removed when entry comes in, so to reduce, if not remove, this feeling that we are animating zealously/unnecessarily. We want the app to feel snappy first and foremost, and not come across as a SwiftUI playground. Expect similar moves throughout the UX.
  • Similarly, should be much snappier switching between fields.


  • Times on card are in non-condensed non-italicised font for improved legibility.
  • Similarly, increased spacing between title and time texts so either are easier to focus on.
  • Event cards are less rounded.
  • Event cards have more pronounced colour coding outline.
  • More characters visible for event titles before truncation.
  • Single line event cards share appearance with multi-line event cards.
  • Reduced spacing between cards.

Top bar

  • The accent dot to go back to top has been replaced with the current time. Hopefully this 1) at least reduces need for the system status bar to remain visible, 2) makes it more clear what it represents (not be mixed up for camera status), and 3) be a bigger tap target.

What’s fixed?


  • When editing a record, the completed fields list does not auto-scroll to the end of the list.
  • No UI artefact when transitioning between any fields.
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