Drop 17.3 — November 23

What’s improved?


  • Should be more reliable and less susceptible to inexplicable/sudden crashes, especially on an app resume.


  • Reduced size of date/time keyboards to stop top row of action buttons creeping into phone’s safe area on smaller screens.


  • When you have multiple items selected, [Cancel] changes to [Delete] for one tap delete of all.

Top of mind

  • Appearance tidied up when expanded so [x more] and [Masterplan] buttons share appearance of task cards.
  • [Masterplan] button renamed to [Schedule] for clarity.


  • For clarity, ∞ symbol replaced with “A” representing the Agenda view. This change motivated a flip of the sequencing of views so Agenda is left-most (moved from right-most). This change should hopefully make it easier to understand mechanics of operating the dial.
  • When moving the dial, the top bar will indicate where you will be taken if you let go.

What’s fixed?


  • Popup menu for list/calendar opens in correct position consistently, and isn’t obstructed by keyboard.
  • When above popup is closed, keyboard focus restored to title field (if it was in focus beforehand).


  • If you have one or more lenses selected, results don’t reset automatically at the start of a new minute.


  • Hitting [Done] when masterplanning shouldn’t result in a semi-frequent crash.
  • When you’re selecting items and finish with your planning session, next open of Planner will not start in a selection mode.
  • When you [Delete] a task, screen doesn’t flash.
  • If you [Select All] when masterplanning, remove one or more selections, the toggle to select/de-select all should continue to show correct label highlighting current selection state.


  • Hides when viewfinder toggle is long pressed to open dial.
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