Drop 17 — November 17

Hey All 👋

Nine days since our last update can only mean one thing: a +1 drop! As is tradition with these updates, there’s one big addition, alongside a series of improvements and fixes.

We previously supported adding tasks and events. Today, we’re delighted to support reminders too: a task with a due date and time assigned. This seemingly small change has had several ramifications to the existing UI/UX. We’ve used it an opportunity to refine the entry flow as well as masterplanning. All the details in the changelog below (lots of other improvements and fixes too!).

Finally, in case you missed it in the last update, we’re now officially in private beta. Please consider sharing timing.is/beta to more of your network :) Thanks as always for your support!


What’s new?


  • Previously you were able to add the following types of items:
    1. Unscheduled task (i.e. no date attached)
    2. Scheduled task (i.e. has a date attached, to be done anytime on the day)
    3. Event (i.e. date + start/end times attached)

    Based on user feedback (and once again our own usage — we are building this because we are users too), we’ve added the ability to create reminders now. That is, a task due on a specific date and to be reminded about at a specific time on the day. With this addition, we provide full support for all entry use-cases currently possible on iOS’s Calendar and Reminders app.

    This change had implications to both the back and front ends to support, which is why it took this many drops to execute. Let’s highlight the three most noteworthy:

    1. Your stream for today will show reminders alongside your events.

    2. When adding an entry, on the time keyboard you can choose between creating an event or setting a reminder. This is not an irreversible choice either: there’s a new quick toggle to switch between them (when adding a new entry or editing an existing even). Also remember, removing the time either way will change it back to a task.

    3. When you’re masterplanning, dropping a task onto a day will now set it as a reminder (as opposed to creating an event). If you do want to convert it to an event, the aforementioned toggle is available here to do so.

App menu

  • Added a call icon so you can arrange time to talk to us about product, calendars and productivity. You can ask us anything!

What’s improved?

App menu

  • Slightly reduced icon sizes.
  • Icon to open has bigger tap target area.


  • Text added underneath title field to guide you better through the process of adding an entry: helps set expectations and also raises awareness on the difference having no date, a date and time set has on the entry type.
  • Tapping on the popup menu on the right-side of title field before you’ve set a date/time will now give you options to add to a calendar or list (and not just list). You don’t need to select either to proceed (we can auto-detect where the entry should go if you don’t explicitly choose based on metadata inputted). However if you do, we’ll now auto-fill required fields: selecting a calendar will set datetime to next available window today.
  • Popup calendar/list selector now has an option to quickly move to the other, e.g. there’s a move to calendar option when you have something on a list and vice-versa. Doing so will change the selected datetimes appropriately.
  • If you only provide a title and hit [Save], you’ve created an unscheduled item that goes into Planner (Space). To subtly reflect this fact, the popup menu circle is coloured black until you’ve scheduled the item. If you have added it to a specific list but not scheduled it, color of the list will be on the circle’s outline to highlight that a specific list has been chosen.
  • No unnecessary padding between title field and toolbar when there are no completed fields.
  • Horizontal padding on input tag field consistent with other text fields.
  • <= 15 min event will show in smaller text on time keyboard.
  • More clear text on activate slot buttons on time keyboard (“Press to assign a time” changed to “Create an event”).
  • Activated slot should clearly describe what it represents: event or reminder.
  • Completed fields list should confirm type of record will be added when there’s a time set: event or reminder. Task?

Hero Event

  • If you’ve flipped the card to show notes on the event, scrubbing to previous/next event will show you the front of the event’s card.
  • Recurring events should show any custom metadata, such as emoji, that was saved to it.


  • Slicker animations on last loading screen.


  • When open, fade restored on Stream, so that overlay is prominent.
  • “Meet” lens group changed to “Repeat”.

Top of mind

  • Completed item count displayed alongside incomplete count.
  • Both act as toggles that when pressed shows you all completed or incomplete items.
  • The incomplete counter when > 0 will now be permanently visible, whether expanded to show the full list or when you are adding a new entry.
  • You can [Masterplan] directly from here.

User interface

  • Checkbox in popup menu is coloured white.
  • Until we optimise the layout to handle bigger text sizes, we’ve capped how large the text can be set to when you adjust the system’s text size. We’ll have this addressed correctly before our public release.

What’s fixed?


  • Tapping on a calendar date a second time won’t collapse calendar.
  • Hitting [Back] after you’ve tapped on a few dates and then expanded it to a Hero Day state, will take you back to Stream in split screen mode (and not the previous date you had tapped on).
  • Week numbers should be displayed correctly (Sunday, 1st of January 2023 won’t show as week 1, but week 52 of previous year).


  • Tapping [x] on a tag field will clear it.
  • Saving a recurring item will never cause its custom metadata to be lost.
  • No missing dates/weeks on date keyboard (first week of January 2023 was previously missing for example).
  • When interacting with the time keyboard, UI above the keyboard shouldn’t jump (unnecessarily transition back into required position) on every change.

Hero Event

  • Previously going into a Hero Event would cause memory usage to spike. This could lead to jank when opening/scrolling/closing them, and — in a worst-case scenario — lead to a sudden out-of-memory crash. None of the above should happen anymore.


  • Drag and drop multiple tasks onto a day shouldn’t result in a crash.
  • More stable when hitting [Done] (fixed one instance of a crash).


  • When you open the app menu, the state of your Stream won’t be lost: for example, if you had switched to the Week view, then it will be peekable on the app menu, and will be returned to when the app menu is collapsed.
  • After editing a recurring item with custom metadata, all instances on the Stream will reflect the changes made.
  • Gaps/breaks should show where expected.
  • Going back to top, and then scrolling the Stream should not result in any dates mysteriously being skipped over, sometimes several months.
  • Won’t hit a stop in scroll when you’re returned to Stream after adding a new event.
  • When you add any record to a date other than today, Stream should show it instantly.

Top of mind

  • Incomplete counter will never go missing (could happen after adding a new item).
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