Drop 16.7 — November 7

What’s new?


  • We’ve finally added an app menu accessible through either a bottom left tap on the Tab Bar, or a right swipe on calendar. Expect more options to be added over time, including a Settings screen to enable you to personalise your experience.

What’s improved?


  • All rows of entry’s UI will slide in (up) and out (down) in sync.


  • Reduced bottom padding of instruction text when masterplanning.
  • No [Select] button on a list with no tasks.
  • Empty artwork shows in an empty list in Masterplan mode.

Tab Bar

  • Translucent background visual effect with bigger icons in the middle, as well as the addition of a new app menu button in bottom left.

User interface

  • Changed background visual effect on content area when a popup menu is opened: should be more pleasant feeling with a smoother transition.

What’s fixed?


  • Removing the title for an edited record will disable [Save] button, as it’s a required field.
  • Re-editing an event that you had just edited its title will show its update title.


  • Cards won’t be obstructed by notch on newer iPhones.
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