Drop 16.5 — November 3

What’s fixed?


  • March 2023 onwards should be rendering correctly.
  • No days from a previous month should show on a month’s calendar.
  • Inversely, no days from the next month should show either.
  • When the last day of the month is the 31st and a Monday, it will show.


  • Type of date (one-off, multi etc.) menu returns.
  • Can switch from emoji input to location or tags.
  • Editing an event and giving it a tag that you don’t [Return] but immediately [Save] should save it.
  • Editing an event that finishes at 00:00 won’t change it to an all-day event.


  • When a lens has no records, it won’t have a selected state.
  • “Just you?” lens excludes all-day events.


  • Should not hit a stop when scrolling into the future. No really!
  • Should be able to scroll to infinite time, and not only until April 2023.
  • Big performance gains that should result in a more snappy and reliable experience navigating through time.
  • Scrubber can scroll into infinite again.
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