Drop 16.4 — November 2

What’s improved?


  • Periodic checks are made for external calendar updates to ensure any changes made outside the app are picked up as quickly as possible (not instant unfortunately due to our current dependence on Apple SDKs). To begin with, this should ensure any external changes to today or tomorrow are automatically reflected within five minutes (sometimes sooner, but shouldn’t take any longer). More will be done to expand the range of dates these updates can cover.

What’s fixed?


  • Gap between title field and rest of UI should never increase when there’s no visible completed fields.
  • Popup menu to select a calendar/list should always open in the correct position, even when the screen you’re on has a keyboard open.
  • Description text field when focused uses a dark theme keyboard.
  • Focus restored to text field when calendar/list popup is closed on description and tag fields.
  • Title field does not expand its size when you are picking emoji.
  • Tasks moved to correct date when changing their date (and not one day behind).


  • When tasks are moved between dates, they should move within the UI instantly.
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