Drop 16.3 — November 1

What’s improved?


  • Changing to a multi-day event will default it to a two day event (not three).
  • Title field won’t immediately change to “Untitled” after you press [Save] and are transitioning out of entry.
  • Tags now last field for increased prominence, as well as because it makes more sense for it to be the last on the list.
  • When you add any metadata, the completed fields list (under the title field) will auto-scroll to the latest inputted value.
  • Adding a location doesn’t take you back to title field. Instead the search field’s placeholder string changes to “Somewhere else?” to reflect you’ve added a location already.
  • Accelerators only show if there’s any available for selected field.
  • Smoother transitions between fields with/without accelerators.
  • Removed unnecessary spacing between title field and toolbar when accessing entry.
  • Logical visual separation between title + completed fields vs location/people/tag input fields via addition of a divider and appropriate spacing.


  • Artwork added for empty card states.

What’s fixed?


  • Emoji accelerators only show when inputting title.
  • Changing an all-day event to multiday will save the correct dates.
  • Editing a multi-day event will not have an incorrect date (either one day early or late).
  • Tapping on a date accelerator (e.g. today, tomorrow etc.) won’t automatically switch you to time keyboard if it’s an all-day or multi-day event.
  • Tapping on a date accelerator will change dates for a multi-day event same as when you toggle dates individually.
  • Focus doesn’t change to title field when you close the popup menu on date keyboard.
  • Switching between one-off and multi-day will preserve the start date.
  • Removing all tags should remove tick on tag field.

Hero Event

  • Fixed number days left showing one less day than it should for a multi-day event.


  • Tapping to go back to the top (i.e. today) will consistently (and instantly!) scroll you to the correct position (i.e. now!), no matter how far into the future you’ve scrolled to.
  • Reduce (prevent?) possibility of missing dates when scrolling at speed.
  • Reduce (prevent?) possibility of hitting a stop when continiously scrolling into the future.
  • Should launch in correct position for today when today happens to be the first day of the week and month.
  • Dates not at risk of duplication when scrolling really fast.

User Interface

  • Opening any popup menu will smoothly transition background blur again.
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