Drop 16.2 — October 30

What’s improved?


  • Inputting a tag will keep the hashtag visible, and will insert hyphens when a space is inserted.
  • Dividers between accelerators more subtle.
  • Emoji accelerators show by default when you are on the title field. This makes inserting one faster, as well as improves transition between fields.
  • Tweaked appearance of reminder list/calendar selector so they are more similar.


  • Won’t be blurred when switching views.

What’s fixed?


  • Scrubber should never show.
  • Editing an event should never result in the time incorrectly shifting by an hour.
  • Adding an emoji to an existing event should work.
  • When you have an event that finishes at 00:00, you won’t see the date added as the first day to second day.
  • Opening reminder list/calendar menu will place it where you expect it to.
  • When you set an entry to all-day, reminder list selector will change to calendar.


  • When you have it open, it won’t cover the final scrolled to item on Stream.
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