Drop 16.1 — October 28

What’s improved?


  • Emoji and Hashtag suggestions are now sorted by most recent, and capped to the last 10.
  • When creating a task (unspecified date/time) you can now add a location and it will automatically create an alarm, setting a notification when you enter a radius of 2 kilometers from the specified address.


  • You can now select multiple lens from each grouping: this will show all tasks found for any of the options, e.g. when you select two lists, it will return all tasks assigned to either list. If you combine lens from different groups, this will connect them via an and clause, e.g. combining lists with an emoji will show all tasks on either toggled list that have the emoji.
  • When you open up the Planner, the time window menu is visible so you can change it without needing to toggle any lens.
  • Selected lens have a more clear accented appearance.

What’s fixed?


  • Calendars that are not modifiable (no permissions) are no longer going to show as options to create events on.
  • Tags are now automatically captured in lowercase (unwritten rule of hashtags🤷🏻‍♂️ ?)
  • Never show Perspectives while adding an entry.
  • Recurring events can now be edited as expected (unfortunately we discovered a bug that wouldn't save the changes previously).
  • When editing a record, date keyboard will open on the month record begins (and no longer always the current month).

Hero Event

  • Events with invalid locations were crashing the app. We now just hide the map if we cannot recognize the location's coordinates.

Hero Week

  • Can now move up/down any past/future week (no longer hits a stop).


  • Should be working again!
  • All-day events should not mess up the count for individual lenses.
  • Any perspective set should be reliably carried across all views (day, week and infinite).
  • Selecting multiple lens from the same group should combine them with an or clause reliably when filtering weeks or days.
  • Toggling lens off/on should work reliably immediately, no longer entering an inexplicable state where all-day events show only.


  • Choosing between the different time windows should work correctly.
  • Converting tasks to events and vice-versa will carry over any existing metadata (tags, emojis, notes).


  • Emoji when set now display on all-day or multi-day events.
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