Drop 15.5 — October 13

What’s improved?


  • You’ll be told what to do if a calendar of interest is not available to select from.
  • Text at the top clarifying your selection affects only the initial load of calendars, i.e. can be changed later.


  • Emojis will now show on all task and event cards when they’ve been set.

What’s fixed?


  • Removing a date from an all-day event and then adding a date again will set it to “anytime” (and not reset it to “all-day”).
  • Changing the date of an all-day event will work.
  • Time keyboard won’t have its slot incorrectly automatically activated when you enter it as an all-day event.


  • Dates shouldn’t mysteriously disappear when turning off Perspectives.
  • Moving tasks and events — whether through editing and/or context menu — will be reflected immediately on the Stream. This was particularly an issue with tasks and multi-day events.
  • No excess fade in the bottom area when in split-screen mode (it will return but cover much less surface area when it does).
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