Drop 15.4 — October 12

What’s new?


  • The onboarding sequence on a fresh install has been re-done. Still not complete, but you should already get a much better sense of what timing is if you’re coming at it as a new user. This will continue to be refined, and we’re also already looking at how to guide users once they’re actually in the app too.

What’s improved?

Hero Day

  • Events in close conflict (15 mins or less within each other) won’t overlap.
  • Text size + positioning for conflicting events should be optimised based on size available.
  • Appearance of UI that display the day similarly, such as Entry’s time keyboard or Planner’s Masterplan, will now look similar too.


  • Based on feedback, we’ve made changes so you can select multiple lens per grouping and have them combined in an or relationship. Lenses between groups have an and relationship. So if, for example, I have mornings, afternoons, and recurring selected, then you’ll be returned all events that occur either in the morning or afternoon and are recurring.
  • As a result of the above change, you no longer have to toggle a lens off in order to select another lens in the group.
  • The count on unselected lens should always reflect their actual total if they were toggled on.
  • Better distinction between lens that are disabled, enabled and selected.
  • Tasks won’t show up anymore, but expect them to make a return through a new lens at some point.


  • Your ability to precisely plan for today has been extended to any day. Tap on any day on the month calendar when Masterplanning to plan for that day. We’ll be looking at ways to make navigating between days easier as well as accessing this more discoverable soon.


  • Improved visibility of [Bolt] and [Viewfinder] icons with the addition of a gradual fade at the bottom of the scrollview.


  • Long pressing to the rotate its dial should be much improved in terms of responsiveness and reliability — no more auto-jumping notches!

What’s fixed?


  • Adding to the unscheduled or today lists should accept a [Next] keypress to add the entry (as opposed to start a new line for it).

Top of mind

  • Same as above.
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