Drop 15.3 — October 11

What’s improved?


  • Height of date and time keyboards slightly reduced, so the transition to them in/out should be more fluid, as well as to ensure the [Save] button doesn’t encroach on the phone’s safe area/status bar (therefore not being tappable on smaller phones)

Entry (Time)

  • Increased top padding on numeric keyboard, so there’s more breathing space from the top.
  • What each number represents on the numeric keyboard should be more clear: not just a sequence of numbers but times.
  • The toggle to get into the numeric keyboard only appears once a time has been set (this stops a time being automatically set to midnight when toggling into the numpad before setting a time).
  • When you remove the time when on the numeric keyboard, you’re taken back to the default time keyboard.


  • Should be able to dismiss on a right swipe more reliably now (as a result can’t flip a Hero Event to get to notes on the back, at least for now).
  • Experimental transition when swiping a Hero away (we will finesse this, and realise that the end portion of the transition is not smooth currently).
  • Pull triggers to move to previous/next item should work more reliably and appear more consistently.

Hero Day

  • Better transition into from Stream.


  • Tasks being added can run over multiple lines.
  • Keyboard dismisses automatically on a scroll.


  • Icon when no perspective is set tweaked to be filled so it doesn’t blend in with other UI on a scroll (more can be done here we know, but this is a start).
  • Instead of a zero counter, it has a slash to indicate it’s not set.


  • Cards now vertically align with Top of Mind’s text field.
  • Tasks have a more compact card appearance.

Tab Bar

  • Slightly reduced height to give more room for your calendar/plans.
  • Tweaked tab bar options to be more narrowly laid out, so the icons over the Tab Bar appear to their sides.

Top of mind

  • Bigger text field and accompanying counter.
  • Placeholder text has a more appropriate text colour to not be mistaken with non-placeholder text.
  • Text can run over multiple lines.
  • Reduced corner radius on text field to be consistent with all other cards.
  • Left sided label vertically aligns with times below.
  • Counter has pop animation on its first appearance when you’ve added your first item.
  • Inversely, it has a vanish animation when you’ve completed all your items for today.

User Interface

  • Improved tap targets for Calendar’s [Perspective] bolt and [Zoom] toggle, as well as Planner’s [Curation] lasso and [Filter] toggle.
  • Similarly, the [Back] button on the top strip, as well as any other tappable items on it, have bigger tap zones.
  • Tab Bar’s [Calendar], [Planner], [Add] and [Masterplan] buttons are easier to tap now too.
  • Finally, hitting the [x] on inputted metadata for a new entry should be easier to tap.


  • Replaced the x-zoom labels with more clear labels to describe what they represent: D, W, M and ∞.
  • The dial on a long-press has more descriptive sub-labels to indicate where each will take you.
  • Interacting with the dial should be more responsive, reliable and natural.

What’s fixed?


  • Can’t get it into an empty half white state.
  • Will collapse whenever it needs to.


  • Can’t add a text character into the emoji field — when you attempt to, it shifts focus to the adjacent title field.

Entry (Date)

  • Fixed alignment of month.
  • Fixed multi-day start and end buttons being mis-aligned.


  • Can move to previous/next day or week reliably when pulling the edges.

Hero Day

  • Time and divider are horizontally aligned.
  • Fast scroll to the top and bottom edges won’t result in the day changing anymore.


  • Not taken incorrectly into Masterplan mode after adding tasks.
  • Can add multiple items in a row now without keyboard being dismissed after the first.
  • Knows to restore previously open Masterplan mode after adding entries.


  • All-day events won’t show up as a 2-day event.
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