Drop 15.1 — October 5

What’s new?


  • You can now select between one-off and multi-day entries via menu on top left of date keyboard.

What’s improved?


  • Emoji picker is now in-line besides the title text field for easier one-tap access.
  • Abbreviated month in completed fields, so more values are displayed by default.
  • Accelerator bar with quick suggestions is hidden if its contents are empty (e.g. when there’s no tag or emoji suggestions).
  • Removed unnecessary trailing padding on [Anytime] and [All-day] pills when either are applicable.
  • Accessing the time keyboard for an all-day event won’t display a slot covering the entire day (tapping on the inactive slot will remove the all-day status and assign it to the selected hour).

Hero Event

  • All day events don’t show as running from between 00:00 to 23:59.


  • Haptics when tapping on cube.
  • Improved transition between views to make the change more apparent too.

What’s fixed?


  • When you change the day of an event, time (if set) remains in tact.
  • When you tap on a time accelerator (e.g. morning, afternoon etc.), slot should become activated.
  • On the flip side, when you remove the time, slot should become inactive again.
  • Less likely to crash on a [Save].
  • Calendar should display correctly on the date keyboard on a first open.
  • Editing a multi-day entry should work now.


  • Task added today that’s unscheduled will show as being added today and not earlier this week.


  • Should be more reliable again.


  • Calendar clip should update reliably after returning from Planner.
  • Should immediately update more reliably after events are added, moved, or deleted.
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