Drop 15 — October 2

Good evening 👋

In case you missed it, we dropped 14.1 earlier this week with more incremental updates and several fixes. Tonight though, it’s (another) big one.

When we dropped our planner a couple of weeks ago, it had an (important) missing piece: planning your day. Not after today though ;) The planner now lets you to drop any of your tasks onto any time. It recognises the gaps and times them to fit. We’re aware these additions to your day can change your plans. And that’s why you can make super quick adjustments to existing events with a tap. It’s a pretty powerful package as is, but we have even bigger plans: 1) to extend its capabilities and 2) for your ability to master plan your day (beyond today even) light up throughout the UX.

Planning your day
Planning your day

There’s a lot more goodness in the update, check out the full changelist below.

We set ourselves a challenge with timing to make you feel superhuman with the tap of your fingers. We’re getting there. Thanks for sticking it out.

Have a great week!


What’s new?


  • You can now (master) plan today! There’s a new Today view within the Planner that you can toggle to via the bottom right cube icon (this is a 3-stage toggle for the time being, which isn’t ideal, but it has its benefits too — expect refinements soon). From here, you can drag tasks to a future date, or — even better — master plan so you can drop them to a specific time to do on the day. You can even multi-select items, and even even better is that it considers what’s happening afterwards when calculating durations.Finally, you can also make changes to the times of existing events happening today by tapping on them. Thinking ahead, we have ideas on extending these master planning capabilities to beyond today.
  • There’s a new lens toggle in the bottom right of the calendar that appears when in Master Plan mode that enables you to switch between today and the month calendar. This enables you to drop any task (whether set for today, a previous day or an unscheduled date) on a 1) future day or 2) specific time today.
  • Can directly add items to your unscheduled list (as well as on the new top of mind for today view).

Hero Event

  • Past events now have a “Follow up” action button in their bottom toolbar that quickly copies its metadata (except for date/time), tweaks title to reflect the fact and adds a “follow up” tag.

What’s improved?

Entry (time)

  • When dragging an event to a new time, smoother animation between original and new time.

Hero Week

  • No truncation when you’ve tapped on the ring and a day has a decimal number for total hours.


  • If you hold onto a task card but release it without moving it at all, the UI activated (drop zone area) will go away within a few seconds (at most, depending on when you released the card after holding it).
  • Better looking empty list states.
  • Floating buttons closer to the bottom of the screen when in Masterplan mode.
  • slipped here


  • More optimisations for improved start-up times, particularly beneficial for users with very busy calendars (e.g. our Microsoft employees ;)).


  • More distinct/appropriate appearance for gap/break cards.
  • Task cards have a more pronounced outline colour so they blend in less with the screen’s background.
  • Multi-day non-all day event (e.g. starts sometime day 1, and ends on another day x) will be distinguished from a regular event: they will not show the total hours the event runs for, but number of days it occurs within and which day within range it’s on. It will also show its start time when it begins later today.


  • Refreshed appearance so it takes up less space in both collapsed and expanded states motivated by the desire to feel less overwhelming and increase content scrolling area for your planned items.
  • [x more]’s popup sorts tasks in descending order, i.e. top 3 visible tasks are the top 3 on the popup too.
  • All your completed tasks have (for the time being at least) been moved to the top of your today stream (need to scroll up to see), in order to keep top of mind focused on what’s remaining. We’re not 100% about where it’s moved, but something we are 100% about is there needs to be better feedback where completed items move to and make them more accessible afterwards too.
  • For similar reasons, slipped items from yesterday (also for the time being at least) are not visible here by default. Currently, you need to go to the Planner to see them (including on the plan for today view). Expect at the very least for your Stream (and perhaps its Top of Mind section) and/or Tab Bar to nudge you on the fact in a future update.
  • You can now add an item to top of mind without needing to expand it.
  • It also appears on top of the list, so when items get added to the top, the animation makes more sense than before (field at the bottom, item added to top).

What’s fixed?


  • No unnecessary space between hashtag # symbol and tag name in completed fields list.

Entry (location)

  • Locations whether from the auto-complete list or your own should be saved correctly (and as a result maps light up on Hero Events).

Entry (time)

  • Draggable card will not disappear if you hold it and let go (without any movement).
  • Multi-day non-all day events won’t appear (for now) to ensure layout doesn’t get broken (expect them and all-day events to show up at top of the scrollview).


  • When you perform a drop, the status bar indicating when the task would be moved to, resets back to default non-drag hover state.
  • In split-screen Masterplan mode, if the list is empty, string clarifying so doesn’t get pushed offscreen.
  • When you only have one slipped item yesterday, tapping to move it to today or someday will work.


  • Whenever you make any change to plans that impact today (e.g. add, edit or delete an event), the gaps between events will updated immediately (e.g. extended, reduced, moved or removed).
  • You pick up where you left off on an app resume (and are not taken back to the top).
  • When you resume the app, and your previous session was yesterday, the change of day will be recognised.
  • Coming back from the Planner should take you to Top of Mind for today (we’ll look at improving this next so you can resume exactly where you left off).
  • A multi-day event, that started a previous day but isn’t all-day every day, will appear when active today (wasn’t showing up at all before!)
  • Multi-day events won’t show up as live events.


  • 4th or later task are accessible again always (were only visible if you had something slipped in the last update); same applies to any completed items.
  • Won’t show the time of the last event that occurred (and finished) after the live time when there’s a multi-day event occuring.
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