Drop 14.1 — September 27

What’s improved?


  • Should be able to better distinguish between week number and dates in pulldown, as the former now rotated.

Hero Day

  • In split-screen mode, if you switch between different days and then hit the [back] button, you’ll smoothly transition back into the Stream.
  • Tasks sorted in descending creation date.


  • When a list is empty, string will clearly state so (as opposed to just showing the list type title).


  • Should load faster up-front because we are requesting less data from the top, deploying a more dynamic just-in-time strategy to fill up your calendar when required.
  • Should load faster from a cold start.


  • What’s top of mind (tasks for today on Stream) are sorted in descending date order, i.e. newest on top. This means when adding a 4th or more task to today, you will see the task animate to the top (as opposed to disappear with the “+x more” link updating to reflect the addition subtlely).
  • Refreshed appearance with a new row of buttons to display all done, slipped and overflow items: 1) done popup enables you to quickly redo items either tomorrow or someday (for now) and 2) overflow popup enables you to similarly move items without being taken to another screen.

What’s fixed?


  • The app for some time now has been experiencing different degrees of instability resulting in either 1) a crash during start-up or 2) intermittent crashes at seemingly random moments within an active session. We spent substantial time identifying the root cause, and think we may have cracked it. Let us know otherwise!


  • Week number always displaying correctly besides each week in pulldown, and no longer ever duplicated.


  • Pressing [back] should return you to the last Hero of another type if one was open, otherwise back to the Stream. For example, if you go into a day or event from a week Hero, then going back takes returns you to the week.

Hero Day

  • When you add an event/task through the [+] and then come back to a Hero Day, it should show the newly created record.
  • When you’ve tapped on a date on the calendar pulldown and nothing is planned on the day, there will be a string communicating this (as opposed to being empty).
  • Similarly, when you access a past day (split-screen or not), if nothing happened on the day, it will state so.

Hero Event

  • Multiday events show the correct dates covered and highlight total number of days.


  • Multi-day events’ cards are of the correct height and will now display the date range covered with each day’s indicating its day number within the range.
  • When you come back to it from Planner will return you to top of mind (and not yesterday) on iOS 16. Will look at maintain scroll position in a future update.
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